Enterprise Architecture Process

The State of Vermont Enterprise Architecture process, for new IT efforts, ties itself loosely to the State of Vermont EPMO project process. The bulk of their efforts occurs in the Exploration and Initiation phases.

Enterprise Architecture within a Project

Documenting Business Capabilities

Business Capabilities and Business Process make up the means by which architecture is defined for commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) software purchased by The State of Vermont (SOV).  Business capabilities represent the “what” the business needs to accomplish. Business processes indicate the “how” the “what” is accomplished.

ABC Process

The ABC Form is a necessary part of any IT project beyond $100,000. The Enterprise Architecture Group is able to provide assistance when requested by the Enterpirse Project Management Office (EPMO) in the submission, and approval of the ABC Form. For more information regarding the ABC form please consult the EPMO site.

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