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Vermont Enterprise Architecture Framework (VEAF)

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The goal of Vermont Enterprise Architecture Framework (VEAF) is to reduce cost and enhance coordination between the business and IT by simplifying integrations, and building a consistent IT infrastructure.

VEAF is a complete expression of the State of Vermont Enterprise; it is a master plan that fosters collaboration between business and technology in order to unify both in pursuit of a single goal. To suceed in this, the enterprise architecture divides into four distinct domains, Business, Application, Information and Technology; these domains are bounded by Governance and Security. All the individual components of the architecture fall within these domains and ensure that all components work together for the benefit of the whole.

Outline GraphicThe standards and guidelines governing the VEAF serve to support those who are making technology-based decisions for the State of Vermont. Rather than relying on out-of-context, ad-hoc implementation driving IT decision making, IT Managers can look to the VEAF for guidance and direction capitalizing on already implemented technologies to maximize technology investments.  The ultimate goal is to enable the State of Vermont in optimizing its systems and to make the whole greater than the sum of its parts.  By encouraging the standardization of products and processes, and by providing guidance to planners and designers,the  VEAF represents a major step toward optimal, cost-effective resource utilization.

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