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Business Architecture Domain

The Enterprise Architect (EA) works to help the business achieve its technology goals; working with Business Leaders, Architects and Analysts to move ahead with technology solutions that align with a business strategy and vision. By bringing a perspective that bridges both agency and department, EAs ensure that an organization’s goals and objectives are addressed in a holistic way across all future initiatives.

EAs provide insight into the overall State Enterprise Architecture Strategies and Principles in order to facilitate the articulation of the business needs. As well, they assist in the assessment of the viability of proposed technology solutions.

The EA gathers works with the business to help them identify capabilities and processes, in order to correctly identify requirements in order to present back an Architecture Vision. This analysis of both technology and processes help to identify any potential common or new shared services.

State of Vermont Non-Functional Requirements

NFR SoV definition

NFR SoV use cases

NFR Sov value add

SoV NFRv12