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Technology Architecture Domain

The EA, working within the Technology Architecture, is concerned with the infrastructure technology and processes needed to support and maintain a given technology solution. This includes software, hardware, compliance, and the delivery mechanisms surrounding the technology. Using a catalog of Non-Functional Requirements, maintained by the Chief Technology Office, the EA assess how a solution aligns with various state strategies including: Cloud, Security, Network Infrastructure, Hosting, and Business Continuity.

Infrastructure considerations are critical to the acceptance of a technology solution, the EA approves critical System Design Documents, Release Management Plans, Disaster Recovery Plans, Software Inventories and configurations for the project.

Work within the Technology Architecture focus on technical areas such as networking, server, storage, virtualization, security, data center, operating system, high availability, backup recovery, disaster recovery, performance and capacity, transportability, etc. These efforts are to ensure that all technical aspects of a technology or initiative are aligned and addressed either internally or by vendors engaged on projects through deliverables, verification and validation.

This Domain Covers

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Services


Hardware focuses on the physical assets within the Technology Architecture Domain. These physical assets include the servers, network, network appliances (routers, switches, modems), telephony, computers (desktops, laptops), security devices, storage systems, mobile devices, smart devices, and cloud service devices. It also supports State of Vermont employees and citizens interacting with the suite of applications needed to perform core business functions.


The software component focuses on virtual assets in the Technology Architecture Domain. These assets include operating systems, middleware, virtual servers, databases, cloud services, and security applications. It is important to note that there is delineation between the Application Architecture Domain and the Technology Architecture Domain. The Application Architecture domain is focused on Functionality (Business Logic) and Business Rules. The Technology Architecture Domain focuses on the software that supports the hosing of the business logic and rules.


The services component focuses on services within the Technology Architecture Domain. These services can include wireless networking, telephony, cell service, and data back-up. They are crucial to operations and form the backbone of the infrastructure so the state of Vermont employees can do their job and serve the citizens of the state of Vermont.

State of Vermont Non-Functional Requirements

NFR SoV definition

NFR SoV use cases

NFR Sov value add

SoV NFRv12